The Timekeeper's Opus

A Retrospective

Celebrating the Songs of Sven Swenson

Music from The Sundial Plays



4 - 20 May, 7pm, $30

Toowong Bowls Club
59 Gailey Rd, Toowong

The Timekeeper's Opus

‘The Bard of Brisbane’ was gaining accolades as a songwriter long before he turned his hand to playwrighting.

In this stunning retrospective the artists of Pentimento Productions bring to life a kaleidoscope of over thirty songs from Sven Swenson’s acclaimed Sundial Plays. Stylistically tracing the evolution of popular music genres from the dawn of the twentieth century to present day, The Timekeeper’s Opus embraces influences from gospel to 1930’s patter-songs, 50’s B-bop, Rap, Jazz, Tango and Aus-rock, to timeless love ballads.

The Timekeeper’s Opus includes songs from both produced and yet-to-be staged works from the Sundial Plays, including, The Truth About Kookaburras, Road to the She-Devils Salon, The Sirens Kiss, Wire Dancers Waltz, Raconteurs and Balladeers, Heavenly Bodies, Beautiful Souls, Under The God Tree, Daredevil’s Moon, Angel Gear, Dangerfield Park, and Tiptoe.

Featuring musical collaborations with John Rodgers, Susan Hawkins, Peter Crees, Phil Slade, Wil Hughes and Colin Weber.

It’s a performance-party, where the sound track is a collection of kick-arse original music.

Musical Director: Peter Crees

Music Consultant: Brent Lammas

Producer: James Trigg

Featuring: Peter Crees, Anthony De Marco, Tom McCosker, Jess Kate Ryan, Glenda O'Sullivan, Geena Schwartz, James Trigg, Matthew Yates, Scott Youngman and Sven Swenson

Photography: Gavin Field

Season: 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19 and 20 May 2017

Curtain: 7pm

Duration: 2 hours, 15 minutes including interval

Venue: Toowong Bowls Club, 59 Gailey Rd, Taringa

Tickets: $30


Sven Swenson's The Bitterling

Buy your copy of Sven Swenson's The Bitterling today.

Sometimes, going back is the only way forward... It is Australia Day Weekend 1974. Fifteen years after her disappearance, Rose Cutler surfaces from the violent floodwaters that threaten the home of her mother and son. For Ruby, who was left to raise her grandson alone, her daughter’s return is as astonishing as it is unforgivable. But for apocalyptic teen Kevin, his mother’s emergence with the flood is an unmistakeable sign that the world is about to end.

The Bitterling was produced by Pentimento Productions and La Boite Indie in 2010 to critical acclaim and received the 2010 Matilda Award for Best New Australian Play as well as being chosen as a finalist in the Queensland Premier's Literary Awards.

$19.95 (+$5 postage and handling.)

Pentimento Productions

A Brisbane-based Independent Theatre Company

producing the works of Sven Swenson's Sundial Plays.

Pentimento Productions

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